Robin Howard



Hi there, my name is Robin Howard; I am the CEO here at C&C Design Studio, if you’re wondering where the name came from it’s actually based on my two dogs, Candy and Cece!

Ever since I was 18 I’ve been photographing weddings, events, portraits, and basically everything in-between! I am the most awarded photographer in Boston, have been nationally recognized, and own the most prestigious studio in New England which I am honored to say since it’s honestly a dream come true and could not have done it without my amazing team of sales managers and award-winning photographers!


My Story

I love photography, dogs, yoga, and psychology! I majored in photography at Boston University and minored in Psychology. However, before my time at BU even began I always had a camera in-hand; the summer of my senior year in high school I began working for a studio in Quincy, it kept me busy and I loved photography (back then it was all film)!

After college, I worked for a photography printing lab and met my husband doing it, we took over the lab and shortly after I decided to open my own business too!

I founded C&C Design Studio in 1998 on the basis of transparency, love, and most importantly quality.

I love the company I have built and oversee everything to make sure my entire team is upholding the quality that I strive to produce!

Quick questions;

Where is your favorite place to vacation?

Florida! My husband and I own a house down there, additionally, I love it so much it’s where I opened my second location of C&C Design Studio!

What makes you different?

Oh boy, the experience and quality are number one. However, a major difference is the fact that my studio is founded on no-nonsense, my pricing is public, my team is friendly, and you’ll never find a gimmick in a contract unlike a lot of other studios neighboring us.

How do I book Robin?

Well, most of my time is spent training the incredible photographers I hire, I do set aside select weekends for very special clients. To have my talent at your wedding, please click here and submit your information then tell the sales manager you’d like me specifically and they’ll get you all hooked-up!

However, even if I am not available rest assured that every photographer here is amazing - I train them myself and ensure that every wedding they photograph is up to my extremely high standards.