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Okay, so you have that amazing wedding website and the bridal party location changes!!!

How do you keep everyone informed about little details that shouldn't require you to email your whole list of guests?

Using Beamer.

Beamer is a smart and easy-to-use newsfeed and changelog to announce relevant news, latest features and updates.

Beamer is fun too, you can include videos, gifs, and emojis!

Plus your guests can react to everything! You could even use it to take a poll, like "Plain or Colored Plates?"


Check out beamer and use promo code "beamer20x3" for 20% off!

Do I need a travel agent for my Honeymoon?

Do posed photos always look fake?

Answered by Robin Howard in Episode 1;

Okay, so everyone is looking for that photojournalistic look, however, most wedding photos that you see framed are posed.

We pose in a way that tells a story using body language and lighting. Posed photos only look bad when done wrong, un-posed looks good when an action is happening, however, when people are standing in a group photojournalistic looks.... weird.

We (C&C Design Studio) create images that looks natural, unposed, and makes people stop and look at it.

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How long does wedding hair and makeup take?

Answered by Robin Howard in Episode 1;

Wedding Hair and Makeup takes about 30-45 minutes added onto how long it usually takes you to get your hair and makeup done because of the conversations, drinks, and jokes that will happen during getting ready.

If your friend has long amazing hair or anything else that would take extra time make sure to add on timing for that!

We usually suggest adding an hour just incase, worst case you use the extra time for drinking and talking :)

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