Robin Howard



Hi there, my name is Robin Howard; I am the CEO here at C&C Design Studio, if you’re wondering where the name came from it’s actually based on my two dogs, Candy and Cece!

Ever since I was 18 I’ve been photographing weddings, events, portraits, and basically everything in-between! I am the most awarded photographer in Boston, have been nationally recognized, and own the most prestigious studio in New England which I am honored to say since it’s honestly a dream come true and could not have done it without my amazing team of sales managers and award-winning photographers!


My Story

I love photography, dogs, yoga, and psychology! I majored in photography at Boston University and minored in Psychology. However, before my time at BU even began I always had a camera in-hand; the summer of my senior year in high school I began working for a studio in Quincy, it kept me busy and I loved photography (back then it was all film)!

After college, I worked for a photography printing lab and met my husband doing it, we took over the lab and shortly after I decided to open my own business too!

I founded C&C Design Studio in 1998 on the basis of transparency, love, and most importantly quality.

I love the company I have built and oversee everything to make sure my entire team is upholding the quality that I strive to produce!

Quick questions;

Where is your favorite place to vacation?

Florida! My husband and I own a house down there, additionally, I love it so much it’s where I opened my second location of C&C Design Studio!

What makes you different?

Oh boy, the experience and quality are number one. However, a major difference is the fact that my studio is founded on no-nonsense, my pricing is public, my team is friendly, and you’ll never find a gimmick in a contract unlike a lot of other studios neighboring us.

How do I book Robin?

Well, most of my time is spent training the incredible photographers I hire, I do set aside select weekends for very special clients. To have my talent at your wedding, please click here and submit your information then tell the sales manager you’d like me specifically and they’ll get you all hooked-up!

However, even if I am not available rest assured that every photographer here is amazing - I train them myself and ensure that every wedding they photograph is up to my extremely high standards.

Chris Cardone

Lead of Sales and Community


Hello! My name Chris, I am a sales manager and community lead here at C&C. However, I began and still am a lead photographer too; I have planned and photographed hundreds of incredible weddings, traveled to different countries and have loved doing it :-)


hey there!

I have been with the studio for over four years, it has been and continues to be the best years ever in this industry.

We’re different, we leave the gimmicks and “alternative truths” at the door, we’re a transparent studio that loves love and strives for an incredible client experience!

Chris’ Awards


“C&C’s Chris Cardone is truly amazing…”


“One of the best wedding consultants in Boston”


About Chris

I began in photography six years ago, photographing for modeling agencies and soon after found a calling for weddings.

After three years behind the camera I decided to dedicated a lot of my time to aiding this amazing studio in growth through sales and our huge bridal community!

Just like many of my colleagues, I have received awards from places like Wedding Wire, The Knots, and Massachusetts Photography Assoc. :-)

Quick Questions

Q: Where is your favorite place to vacation?

A: Florida, I love the laid back culture and, of course, the warm weather!

Q: What is your day-to-day like?

A: I reply to potential clients, check-in with current clients, and manage the bridal community in Boston. However, it changes everyday, one day will be spent at my desk sending personal videos to possible clients explaining our process and the next could be spent at bridal-show-after-bridal-show talking to amazing couples :-)

Q: Why does this studio have sales?

A: We book up quick, have a mass of clients, and customize packages… someones got to do it, and we’d prefer our main photographers proceed in their education of the craft rather than learning how to do sales.

Q: How do I reach you?

A: Easy! My email is or my direct line is 508-622-5078!

Q: What is a call like with you?

A: I love to talk and learn more about your wedding, so it’s always exploratory at first to piece together your vision for this big day, however, if you’re looking for straight, to the point pricing go to for our transparent and public pre-designed packages. Mind you, we do customize them for every clients should a pre-designed not fit their unique needs!

psstt… want some pretty amazing wedding tips from the award-winning consultants? Click-y here!

Daniela Klaz

Lead Photographer, Boston


Hello! My name Daniela, I am a lead photographer here at C&C, I have photographed a ton of amazing couples' weddings and cannot wait to work with more couples like you two!

Meghan Lynch

Lead Photographer, Boston


Hello! My name Meghan, I am an apprentice photographer here at C&C, I have photographed a ton of amazing couples' weddings and cannot wait to work with more couples like you two!


From historic Boston ceremonies to mountain summit "I Dos", I’ve been lucky enough to work in the wedding industry for 4 years.

A little more about me...

Favorite Place - Dingle, Ireland

Favorite Movie - Get Smart

Favorite Part of C&C - I absolutely love the “getting ready” portion of a wedding day. It’s so fun to hang out with the girls and guys separately in the morning and feel their excitement as they get dressed for the ceremony.