Crystal Whiteaker

Leader of Photography, Florida

Crystal Whiteaker

Hello! My name Crystal, I am a photographer here at C&C, I have photographed a ton of amazing couples' weddings and cannot wait to work with more couples!


Crystal is a photo obsessed travel bug who lives for good vibes and real experiences. She's free spirited, shamelessly goofy, and she thinks she can dance. Crystal is focused on giving couples great memories to share with the people they share their wine with, because what good is a fun experience if you aren't going to re-live it it over a good bottle of vino and laughter?!
When she's not busy living out of a suitcase or following couples around with her camera she acts as an avid home body while planning her next trip. Crystal can often be found with a big laugh and her sassy chihuahua Lily by her side and while she's too old and cranky to go on shoots, Lily is a great photo editing companion!

A little more about me...

Favorite Place - Big Sur, California