Below are the terms and conditions of wedding contracts, by signing a contract you are agreeing to these terms and any additions to them in the future.

Original Contractual Terms dated April 29th, 2019;

# Copyright - The studio withholds all rights to the images and ability to use them in anyway. However, the client is hereby permitted once the balance has been paid in full the right to reuse any image without watermark nor requirement of credit. The client once they have paid the balance in full has the right to print the images and use them in any manor they see fit.

# Files - The client has rights to be able to access their files once the full balance has been paid and the images have been edited the client will receive an electronic file transfer or a physical USB Flash Drive. The studio will retain a copy of these files for ninety (90) days after they have been sent, if the studio doesn't receive any notice to retain them for longer, the studio is no long responsible for maintaining the files or having a backup of them for the client.

# Liability & Retainer – The client understands that the retainer once paid is never refundable. The client understands that the studio is not at fault for any injuries incurred during the wedding or during the engagement session. The client agrees to pay for any damages to equipment or studio staff that happens during the wedding should the client be at fault for the accident.

# Timelines – The client understands that additional products may prolong the timeline of delivery. The following statements about “album” timelines extend to all album design duplications included (i.e. if an album is voided and a parent album and mini brag book are included both the parent album and mini brag book are also voided.) The client understands that if an album is included the client must select the images for the album within ninety (90) days of the images being posted to the online viewing gallery or the album will be voided. Additionally, once an album is designed you have ninety (90) days to leave comments for revision or approve the design, if you go beyond this time limit your album will be voided.

# Overtime – Additional unplanned and/or un-contracted services (such as, but not limited to, full redo of design, day of wedding extension of time, services outside of scope of agreement, management of non-wedding day activities, etc) are considered overtime and will be billed with prior notification and consent at the rate of $150 per hour. Consent is as simple as the client providing an okay to a staff member’s notification of overtime and does not require a written contract.

# Consultation Services - All clients have access to our Wedding Consultants, however, all clients also understand any suggestions by our consultants or timelines provided consultants are not backed by C&C Design Studio, the client also agrees, by receiving these consultation services they are no longer able to negatively review us publicly on any review sites on the basis of these free services.

# Engagement Sessions - If the package includes a "free engagement session" the session has no cash value, if un-used it cannot be traded for other items or services nor will any percent of the balance be refunded or deducted.

# Editing / Retouching - Basic retouching includes clearing skin, getting rid of flyways and single strands of hair in the face and obvious blemishes. Basic retouching does not include things like physically changing body shapes, fixing dresses, removing people or things from a photo, fixing clothes/makeup/etc. or adding things to photos. The client may choose to pay per hour for extra retouching.

# Photographic Compliance – The client agrees on behalf of not only themself but their partner that they both fully understand if the couple/client opt to withdraw and stop photographic coverage at any time or reduce the time of photographic coverage of a certain session of photography throughout a wedding day (i.e., stop; Formal Photographic Coverage of Bride and Groom, Family Coverage, Wedding Party Coverage, or any other Photography Coverage that C&C Design Studio deems critical to providing said client photographic imagery that was discussed and agreed upon with client prior to wedding day.) If said client prematurely stops photographic coverage or is not available to start photographic coverage at the designated start time that was pre-arranged and agreed upon prior to wedding day that said client will then not receive all images requested due to their decision. The couple/client understand that any premature end of photographic coverage C&C Design Studio hold the client 100% culpable for images not created and/or captured. The couple/client also understand that due to their decision to end photographic coverage early may alter their perspective of C&C Design Studio and their team due to their own decision to withdraw from photographic coverage. Ending or refusal of any and all photographic coverage throughout said clients wedding day coverage C&C Design Studio states that any and all reviews, opinions, online mention of C&C Design Studio and their team members/partner companies be shown to C&C Design Studio before any and all postings, and any negative review due to the aforementioned decision of said client C&C Design Studio, LLC. will take immediate and legal action for any public or private influence that said client reputed.

# Photographer Assignment - All C&C Design Studio Photographers are skilled and have the same level of exceeding excellence, therefore, we do not confirm assignment of a photographer until one-week before. No photographer may be promised for a date until one-week before the wedding.

# Cancelations and Contract Termination - Contracts cannot be terminated, all payments are due even if the services have been canceled per client's request.

# Deposits - Also referred to as retainers, these are due at signing or within five (5) days of signing. If unpaid after five (5) days the client agrees to pay the retainer plus a fifty (50) dollar late fee.

# Respect - C&C Design Studio is a prestigious studio, treating any of the studio’s team members poorly, using inappropriate language, homophobia, violation of our general terms and conditions, violation of our usage policies, or discrimination in any form will result in your services being rescinded and you will remain liable for the total amount you signed for, in addition to any possible legal repercussions.

—— Additional Terms and Conditions, Added August 13th, 2019 at 6 PM EST. (addition#1) ——

# End of Life - In the case that C&C Design Studio discontinues business we will refund you a prorated balance, here is how we would calculate that balance;

Your Package’s Total Minus Retainer, divided by the number of days that stand between your wedding date and the date a contractual agreement was signed, then multiple the cost-per-day by the number of days left until the wedding, that amount would then be paid out to you.

(X/D)*L = balance to be paid to client, should their wedding date not have yet passed.

X= Total Balance Minus Retainer

D= Total Number of Day between Contract Signing Date and Wedding Date

L= Day Left until Wedding

# Automatic Compliance - As written in your contract, you automatically comply with all terms and conditions added between the date signed and your wedding date. After your wedding date has been met, your terms will then be frozen, and you’ll be left only in compliance with the terms written before your date for life.

# Length of Contract / Contract Expiration - Contracts never expire. You are bound to the terms of this contract forever unless you get a term reversal waiver from C&C Design Studio, LLC. ( which are issued at the discretion of C&C Design Studio.

—— End of the Additional Terms and Conditions, Added August 13th, 2019 at 6 PM EST. (addition#1) ——