Chris Cardone


Chris Cardone
Leader of Consultation

Hello! My name Chris, I am the lead of consultation here at C&C, I have planned a ton of amazing couples' weddings and cannot wait to work with more couples like you two!

I have been in the crazy business of weddings for over 3 years and have learned what makes a wedding amazing and how to make every wedding I work amazing :)

Every day we help couples plan their day, pick their venue, book their vendors, and everything in-between.



“C&C’s Chris Cardone is truly amazing…”


“One of the best wedding consultants in Boston”


I help amazing couples plan their weddings — from going over your timeline, to being the number on speed-dial when wedding questions come up, I am here for my couples.

I have been here for the last 3 years and have helped tons of brides plan their day and walk down that aisle.

Although my official title is “Leader of Consultation” I feel a more fitting string of titles are “Wedding Therapist, Hype Person, Coordinator, and, of course, Photographer.”


Q: What makes C&C Different?

A: Our approach, we focus on the client themselves, you can do anything with any budget if you know where to look and what to cut. We don’t focus on saying if somethings possible or not, we focus on making it possible. Also, we’re here for the client, it doesn’t matter whether you need help finding that perfect dress or a new facial cleanser, our team is caring and loving and will always be there to help to our best ability.

Q: What is a consultant?

A: Technically, we summarize a consultant to be your bridal helper, the person who will answer all your questions, build your timeline, and help prepare you for the day. Candidly, we summarize it as your wedding bestie (+therapist)

Q: Why doesn’t everyone provide consultants?

A: Simple, they can’t. We’re Boston’s Top Studio, we got here by investing in our clients. Other studios / photographers simply can’t offer the services we do because they don’t have the resources or people power. Our team is here, we’ll reply in under 24-hours and we know how to do weddings.

Q: How do I book?

A: First, grab some champagne and celebrate because YOU GOT ENGAGED!! Then, visit our wedding inquiry page to get in touch with a consultant and hear about what packages best fit you :)

Q: Do I have to talk to sales?

A: Nope, we’re not sales people. Our team makes $0 on any booking, paychecks don’t depend on quotas nor do positions in the company. Our team’s only job is to help you find the right package, not the package at the highest price point you can afford.

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