Responding to a rude unsubscribe request

Sometimes people are mean. Don't reply, email "" with their email address as the subject line and we'll take care of it!


What will happen;

They'll receive this email;

Subject: "RE: Your unsubscribe request"

Body: "Dear Valued Customer,

We understand your request to unsubscribe, however, we are unable to unsubscribe you. Please click the marked unsubscribe button at the bottom of all our promotional emails. We attempt to clearly mark this button so at any time you'd like you may leave the list.

Thanks for your understanding!

Best Regards,

C&C Management Team"


How you need to email us;

To: ""

Subject: "person's email"

body: none required!

Search the Portal

Use the bar below to search the portal

Why do I have to enter the portal to access this option? The portal is heavily protected so we have to take steps to keep this content safe like password protected pages.

Sending a Blog Request

Use the form below to request that your client fill out the Night of Blog Questionnaire.

Here is the email they get;

Preparing for the Blog

Watch this 1 week before the wedding, and make sure to complete the steps below.

Step 1:

To send the blog questionnaire request click here.

Once the client has responded, put together a "blog draft" in google docs and send it to your supervisor.

Once they approve or chat with you about changes, you're good to go! Keep that google doc for the wedding and then you just have to copy and paste when writing the blog.


You're awesome! Keep it up!

How to post a night of blog

So, you just finished the introductions and it's time to do the blog (yay) here are the tips for posting a night of blog post.

You should have properly prepared for this, to see how to prepare for a wedding blog 1 week before the wedding, click here.


  1. A Laptop
  2. WiFi
  3. Lightroom
  4. BlogStomp
  5. All SD Cards
  6. Blog post submission the bride and groom filled out


Communicate with your lead/assistant photographer that you think it is time to do the blog after this make sure you have enough cards so that every card that is being taken out of a camera can be replaced with a new, unused, and formatted SD Card.


Remove the cards you need from the camera, and replace them with fresh SD cards, make sure to place the cards you have removed into a clear plastic bag and ensuring they do not fall out.


Import the images on the SD cards into Lightroom, after importing a card, eject the card from your computer, ensure no images were damaged or erased. (TIP: Never delete the images off your computer until you have check with the editing department and confirmed the gallery has been edited and completed.)


After sorting through the images and selecting 30-55 images that are the best and well represent the quality of C&C Design Studio, please color and light correct those images. Then export them to your desktop. Make sure that at this point all the SD cards have been ejected from your computer without deletion of any images and have been placed back in the clear plastic bag.


Now after doing all that, upload the images into BlogStomp and put them together into collages that are pleasing to the eye and represent C&C Design Studio's quality well.


If you don't feel confident in putting together a blogstomp, or don't have the app you can upload the full images into a slide show or grid in squarespace.


If you used BlogStomp; Upload the collages into the squarespace blog, here is a video tutorial on how to do that:

Unable to watch/listen? Here are the steps written:

Go to

Login using the password provided to you by your superior when you requested approval for the blog post text 1 week before the wedding.

After going to the backend of the site click "Blog" and then click the "+" button on the left site and in the title bar type "Bride's First Name and Groom's First Name at Venue"


  1. Add the name of the Venue as a TAG
  2. Add the current Year as a TAG
  4. Add a "Thumbnail" image and add a 1-2 sentence excerpt

How to add an excerpt and thumbnail:

How to add TAGs and Categories


Once you have added the categories, tags, a thumbnail image and typed/copied the body and excerpt text into the blog post, please have your assistant or lead photographer read it over and make sure everything looks good and sounds correct.

Use the check this below, once you've check everything off you may post the blog.

REMEMBER: Click "Submit Checklist" before publishing blog.

Prep. *
Uploading and Writing *
The Never Forgets *
I take full responsibility for this blog and understand that I am hereby stating the blog is well representing C&C’s quality. *
Your Full Name *
Your Full Name

Thank you!

Sending Out A Contract

To send out a contract go to and log in using the email address "" and the password "ccd3s1gnstud10"

After logging in click "Templates" on the left-hand side of the screen, then click "Use Template" on the left-hand side of the screen then click the arrow pointing down next to the template labeled "C&C Wedding Contract" and click "Use Template" in the dropdown menu.

After locating the template and selecting to use it fill out the form.

Click send and you're done.

Providing Access to Boudoir Gallery

Use the form below.

Here's what the email looks like;