WEEK 1 (4/2-4/8) - Our team will be sending over a list of questions by the end of this week so that the information the answers provide may be used to write the blog.

WEEK 2 (4/9-4/15) - Our team will send over a rough draft of the blog including a layout of where images will be placed.

WEEK 3 (4/16-4/22) - We will strategize a release date for our upcoming editorial calendar and notify you of the scheduled date.

WEEK 4 (4/23-4/30) - Our testers (Christopher & Robin) will complete their test of the products and either format their thoughts in writing or video to go along with the blog post.

WEEK 5 (5/1-5/8) - We will send the final draft for final approval, where you'll be provided a link to contribute the thoughts and changes you'd like made

WEEK 6 (5/9-5/16) - Social media posts will be drafted and sent for approval

WEEK 6 (after approved)- Posts will be scheduled to release one publishing on each platform the day of release and strategized promotions for the days following.

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