About Our EmaiLs…

We use two differing platforms for sending out emails.


First, we send email marketing - this includes our updates from the blog, holiday discounts, and other emails with intent of marketing.


Second, we send more transaction relationship building emails regarding guests who are coming on Wedding Q&A and pricing updates that are time sensitive.


To unsubscribe from these just click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email.


Can't find an unsubscribe button - that means someone on our team personally sent it.


If you'd like to be removed from our list(s) click below to chat with support;


How to tell the difference;

If it comes from it's the second.

If it comes from it's the first.


How we comply with CAN-SPAM;

✅ Clear Unsubscribe Button
✅ Operable Unsubscribe Button
✅ Not sent with mal-intent

Bonus things we do;

✅ Always send from 1 email address (easy to block)
✅ CLEAR email subjects
✅ Contentful emails
✅ If we don't have good content, we don't email you.

Quick public message;

If you're getting emails from us and think you never subscribed, someone subscribed you - or you forgot you did, we ONLY email people whos emails are submitted via one of our email sign-up pop-ups or forms.